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Visionary Evolution is the container into which I communicate concepts, experiences, ideas and frequencies of consciousness designed to expand your lines of thinking, concepts of self and in short, your conscious experience. My aim through Visionary Evolution’s is to contribute to your personal & interpersonal growth and serve the planetary Shift in our midst.

Of course, we ARE the Shift; we are inseparable to Life itself. The depth and profundity of this inseparability is but the beginning of what I wish to help us remember.

Humanity, it would seem, appears to be at a critical juncture between self-centerdness and soul-centerdness; suspended between and existing as self-destructive and self-enhancing tendencies.

On one level, I believe our greatest achievement as a collective resides in the potential for self-realization. Buddhists understand this to be the actualization of our Divine Nature through our person, such that there is no difference between “I” and “the Divine”. The person becomes a wakeful avatar, the Divine Principle embodied.

On another level, it would seem too, a great achievement that we do not entirely wipe ourselves out. Better yet, that we do not merely survive, but that all people and beings thrive harmoniously and symbiotically. I see our physical/planetary survival to be closely connected to the thriving of the human spirit; much in that same way that global self-destructive tendencies and behaviors, once covert, now coming to the light are reflections of and closely connected to our spiritual dormancy. One may even venture so far as to say that we are spiritually ill.

The clarity, purity and strength of our spirits or our being, informs our consciousness- and therefore how we present and behave within the world and with one another.

Indeed, we must indeed BE the changes we want to see in the world. For the world is on some level a reflection of ourselves.

This awareness is simple, profound, though not entirely obvious. Especially in the early stages of awakening.

And that is exactly what I do: I help You Self-actualize by guiding you through the fluid and non-linear stages of awakening.

Self-actualization means becoming more of who you are already and didn’t know you were. It means exploring the recesses of your mind and illuminating the shadows, dusting the cobwebs. It means re-configuring the shared psychic space (consciousness) that inter-connects us, setting into motion conscious templates based on Love & Kinship, as opposed to competition and separation.It’s a profound and ongoing process of self-(re)discovery and enjoyment. Our foremost relationship is with ourselves, after all.

Visionary Evolution is the result of translating my own "process" of self-actualization into a real-time evolving presence & counselling/coaching services platform. Whether you are in the thick of an existential inquiry, experiencing sudden and acute extrasensory experiences, breakthroughs or bleed throughs of consciousness, are seeking to tame the monkey mind, wanting to deepen your meditation and mindfulness practice, are seeking to implement lifestyle goals, making breaks from addiction or working through the stages of grief, I am confident of what a conscious working-relationship to another human being who sees you, can do for your personal and interpersonal unfolding.

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The Results: Deep non-linear shifts in perception, quantum leaps in consciousness and conscious navigation of Higher-Dimensional Time-lines for both one's self and the One Self. 

Information Activates; self-knowledge IS power.

I currently live in Vancouver, BC and offer counselling and coaching both in person and online. My background is in Psychology & Philosophy (B.Sc.) at Dalhousie University. I later pursued further education in Counselling (Dip. Couns.) through AIPC. Interests include: Psychology, (Cognitive, Social, Personality, Health, Positive, Abnormal, Paranormal) Neuroscience, Consciousness, Theory of Mind, Altered States, Psychedelics, Shamanism, Plant Spirit Medicine, Ontology, Cosmology, Spirituality & Metaphysics. I am originally from Toronto, Ontario and have since enjoyed living in the Maritimes, Central America and Australia.

I feel that our spiritual maturity as a collective must be a priority that we must each take into our own hands, with which we craft our psyches with the blade of the multidimensional; whether you are committed to this vision in your own life, or just beginning to feel the niggle of an expanded world-view under the surface of your own awareness. 

I believe that we are a purposeful creation and that collectively, we are going through some radical transitions; changes of trans-dimensional proportions. to be exact.

If you are feeling this Shift and feel the call, it would be my pleasure to assist and guide you some part of the process.

Connect with me here if you feel to work together.

Many thanks, blessings and good intent. Here's to Wakeful Experience!


Visionary Evolution


Fabian Frangipane: B.Sc Psychology & Philosophy, Dip. Counselling., Certified Yoga Teacher

Fabian Frangipane: B.Sc Psychology & Philosophy, Dip. Counselling., Certified Yoga Teacher