Fabian is compassionate, present & soulfully kind. I felt instantly safe in his presence, which allowed me to open up and speak in depth.

To be held in a space of complete trust and openness without feeling judgement was so healing for me.

The intuitive intelligence from Fabian helped me navigate my way through self-created blocks & insecurities which were ultimately holding me back from achieving my goal of living a vibrant and abundant life.

Thank you, Fabian, for your beautiful insight and genuine heartfelt support!
— J.H.
Fabian came into my life for a reason, helping me realize what is already within me. He provided me with support and insight to guide me through darkness into my own self-exploration and personal growth. He helped me see myself in another light while making me aware of the negative thought patterns I was so accustomed to living in.

By making me realize these patterns, I was able to change my initial thoughts, creating an opportunity to start thinking differently.  Fabian challenged me to shift the perspective within myself, reminding me that it all starts with one’s thoughts to evolve your mindset.

He worked with me to dive right in and dig deeper to discover more about my true self. I value and appreciate the time spent with Fabian. He left me feeling motivated and energized to continue on my journey of self-transformation. I am truly grateful for the person Fabian is and the light he has shown me within myself. 
— S.D.
My session with Fabian was nothing short of magical. He is a sacred space holder, with intuitive skills that I deeply appreciated.

During what I would refer to as our spontaneous ´cosmic appointment´, I was coming from a place of some inner turmoil and stress that I needed to resolve. He asked questions and gently guided my process as I gave words to it.

What he offered in response to my needs was both creative and effective, which included an epic tarot spread that opened me up to my own higher knowing, and was very affirmative.

I completely support the work and services that Fabian is extending to others and give this glowing testimonial from my heart! I definitely felt a big shift in my energy afterwards, from stress and self judgement, to peace and self love. Thankyou Fabian!
— K.T.